How can you ensure that you have right people with the correct skills, abilities and traits personalities to fit your organization?

Assessment Centre enables you to search for the particular competencies and level needed for the particular job. An assessment centre is a process in which multiple exercises are used, behaviour is observed, observation is made by trained assessors, through a systematic assessment process band on competencies. Candidates are able to demonstrate the skills and abilities and not just talk about them.

Assessment centre are standardized form of mapping employee potential through multi assessment and multi rating in opportune situations enabling sound decisions for closet fit for future roles. 'Assessment Centre' is a process; consist of a series of structured assessment techniques which are designed to assess a candidate on a number of job-related dimensions. A typical assessment centre includes a range of exercises which are designed to simulate different aspects of the work tasks and environment to assess the candidate’s competencies for the purposes of recruitment and selection or to identify gaps on each job related - competency. The structured assessment techniques incorporated into assessment centres are often dynamic and engaging, requiring applicants to work either independently or collaboratively with other team members to complete a given task in a defined period of time.

The duration and format will vary depending on the number of competencies being assessed, for the role being filled. Exercises typically run from ½ day to 2 days and the exercises can be administered over a series of sessions rather than in one sitting. The assessment centre process provides an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their suitability for a role in different ways and enables candidates to obtain a realistic preview of what the employer expects from their employees.

Assessment tools are techniques that provide some measure about candidate. They should be valid, reliable, structured and standardized. Tools range from psychometric tests, business simulations to case studies to interviews. Some are more structured than others because of the kind of tool. For example psychometric test will be standardized valid, reliable, whereas presentation cannot fulfill all the criteria. A battery of tools is necessary of an assessment centre. Before the starting a clear perspective of the objective the assessment centre is necessary. Research on the available tools, understanding the context and decision on which ones to choose, which are to be customized and which are to be developed is most critical step. There are various types of tools used in the assessment centre. In-basket exercises, role plays, simulations, group discussion, fact finding exercises, case study, competency based interviews, written test, psychometric tests, and many more. No single assessment method can assess all job competencies. Table 6.1 illustrates the predictive capacity of multiple methods.

Assessment methods ranked in terms of predictive capacity

  • Rigorous planning and appropriate team for the process
  • Upper management full support
  • Effective job analysis prior to competency framework and assessment centre
  • Clear and distinctly defined behavior indicators
  • Assessment centre tools related to job and those from the shelf customized
  • Pre tested tools and evaluated against the competency framework levels
  • Assessment by qualified and trained assessors
  • Careful observation, scoring by assessors, documentation and confidentiality of results
  • Experienced HR professionals to administer the entire process and ideally facilitate the feedback process
  • All questions or complaints should be handled by a qualified person who is not directly involved in the rating process
  • The degree of confidentiality and anonymity (who will see the questionnaires/reports and how will they be used) to be communicated clearly at the outset and adhered to rigidly
  • Feedback or final rating to be conducted in an accurate and sensitive manner
  • The implications of the feedback and results to be fully understood
  • Full support and respect to be provided to every candidate, irrespective of their performance level
  • Candidate should be encouraged to share their reports with anyone who might be able to assist with their development
  • The contents of a feedback report not to be revealed to anyone except the candidate without his/her full agreement
  • Action plans to be completed and implementation to be led and subsequently monitored by the facilitator
  • The shelf-life of the report to be communicated to all
  • The entire process to be monitored and evaluated to ensure that it continues to be efficient and effective

We have:

Wide range of different tools

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Customised tools

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